Breast Firming Treatment

This sculpting treatment is designed to restore elasticity in the breast tissue. Skin is instantly toned as essential minerals and nutrients from the ocean penetrate the skin.

1 Session $50
5 Session $220

   Cellulite Compression

This body sculpting treatment is recommended for cellulite breakdown. Toxins that have been stored in the skins tissue are released and the skin’s texture is instantly smoothed.

1 Session $110
5 Session $500

Thermal Fat Burner

This body sculpting treatment is recommended for the loss of excess weight. Special detoxifying seaweeds help to stimulate the body’s internal cleansing system. The metabolic system is increased as stored toxins are promptly released.

Please note: Vichy Shower is included with all Body Treatments. The Vichy Shower is a rain like spray produced by 5 micro jets fixed to a horizontal rail. Lying down where the water is sprayed over the whole body, wrapped up in a thin warm rain.

1 Session $100
5 Session $450

Soul Essence Remedies

Back Treatments $75

  • Anti-Stress
  • Energizing
  • Body Balancing
  • Muscular Ease

These treatments are ideal for relieving chronic muscular tension, aches and pains. The treatments are also designed to calm the nervous system and balance stress.