HBS Spa Life was established in 1996 and is still standing strong. We are constantly challenging ourselves to delve into and keep abreast of the myriad of lifestyles in today’s ever changing society. We know you are taking on an individualistic approach – creating a statement about yourself – reflecting your unique personality, lifestyle and career. You want to start with a sense of well-being – feeling good within is just as important as looking good on the outside. The team at HBS Spa Life offers genuine professional advice to help you discover a unique personal style apt for you. Today fashion means feeling good about yourself, adapting to new trends and interpreting them so that your individuality always shines through.
HBS Spa Life has an extensive service listing providing full-body spa treatments, aesthetics and hair care to help you reach your goals of becoming the person you know you can be. And we are here, by your side, committed to the healthiest approach for your total body and hair care needs.
  • Nadia Capetola
    Nadia CapetolaArtistic Director and Proud Owner

    Nadia is a creative, talented hair designer who have been creating masterpieces in the industry for over 20 years. Nadia believes that beauty comes from within- when we feel beautiful inside, it shows on the outside. She believes in inspiring new talent- she is a visionary who encourages students to learn in an interactive environment.

  • Amber Rani Rafique
    Amber Rani RafiqueBusiness and Marketing Manager

    Amber Rani’s diversified background in business entrepreneurship, marketing, administrations, education, arts, and sciences makes her the perfect candidate to run all the back-end operations for HBS Spa Life. Amber puts a creative flair on the day-to-day operations of a salon/spa environment.

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I have been coming to see Nadia for years and the services have been getting better and better. Nadia is always trying to improve her services. She is very caring and compassionate.
There is nothing that I don't like. Nadia is the reason I come here again and again. She makes sure whoever comes in goes out of the door happy and satisfied.
I love that I can trust Nadia to give the best advice about my hair and give me exactly what I want.
Always in tune with what we need. Proper hair advice based on function we need to attend, outfit/dress we would be wearing etc.

See you soon!

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